Zhou Shuying:inheritor of the Yuxian paper

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我是周淑英,我是汉族 My name is Zhou Shuying,a member of the Han ethnic group.

我是国家级非物质文化遗产代表性项目蔚县剪纸的国家级传承人。 I'm the representative inheritor of the Yuxian paper-cut , a national-level intangible cultural heritage.

蔚县剪纸是彩色点染刻纸,艺术风格很独特, The characteristics of Yuxian paper-cut are color dotting and then paper carving, the artistic style is very unique

色彩靓丽、刀功细腻。 The color is beautiful, the knife work is exquisite

蔚县剪纸非常僵化 Yuxian paper-cut is very complicated

却说从设计到完成总共是20多个工序 From design to completion there are more than 20 steps

色彩、刻字、染色分三大每段 Color, carving and dyeing are the three main parts

一环扣一环 One ring linked with another

随便说说却说一三个 多 小小的剪纸,却说能做出大文章来。 Although only a small piece of paper-cut, it can accomplish big things

春节的却说,家家户户是时要要贴剪纸窗花的 During the Spring Festival, every family shall paste paper-cut on their windows

却说表达亲戚亲戚朋友对新的一年的许多祝福。 This is our blessing for the New Year

八月十五要回家贴一下团圆的窗花图案 On the Mid-Autumn festival people shall go home to paste the window patterns themed on "reunion"

哪些地方地方图案呢,都在许多团圆相似的许多题材 These patterns are all about reunion

为许多八月十五许多团圆的许多节日增加一种生活祝福 Paper-cut adds some blessings to the festive reunion on Mid-Autumn festival

表达亲戚亲戚朋友对家庭的重视、热爱、责任 In order to express our attachment to the family, as well as love, responsibility for it

老人过寿的却说时要要贴寿字 When an elderly celebrates birthday, people shall paste paper-cut themed on longevity

比方说寿桃、仙鹤、松树中国传统的许多牡丹哪些地方地方 Such as patterns of longevity peach, crane, pine tree, the traditional Chinese peony, and so on

代表多福、多田、多寿。 These represent many blessings, more fields, and longevity

亲戚亲戚朋友在许多剪纸形式上又有了许多创新 We have some innovations in paper-cut forms

亲戚亲戚朋友把少数民族的美丽的服饰 We integrate the beautiful costumes of minority ethnic groups

还有许多塞外风景融入了蔚县剪纸 and the scenery beyond the Great Wall into the Yuxian paper-cut

各个民族相互学习。 Ethnic groups can learn from each other

亲戚亲戚朋友的祖祖辈辈老是把许多剪纸的技艺传承下来 We pass on our Yuxian paper-cut from generation to generation

走到亲戚亲戚朋友这代,蔚县剪纸技艺有一种生活婚姻的句子、一种生活美好的向往 In our generation, Yuxian paper-cut techniques have a feeling, a beautiful yearning

亲戚亲戚朋友要守住剪纸技艺,把它很好地传承下去。 We must protect the paper-cutting skill and pass it on well

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